What is YBG?

The Young Business Group is primarily a networking organisation, aimed at the younger element of the business community.

Do you have an age limit?

No. Our age limit used to be 40, with a view to people then moving on to the Chamber of Commerce. Some people do still move up to Chamber, but may also wish to stay with YBG. Our age profile is approximately 30 to 45, but members are welcome to stay with us as long as they choose!

What does YBG do every month?

YBG meets on the first Thursday of every month, holding a lunch, dinner or networking evening, one a month in rotation. This mix of events provides something for everyone, whether you enjoy networking over a meal or with a glass of wine. Our networking evenings are generally activity based, which provides an ice-breaker and something for members to talk about. We also have topical speakers at our lunches and dinners.

Future events include Lunch at Moores on 4th September, where Kate Evans from the Best of Guernsey will be our guest speaker and dinner at Bella Luce on 2nd October, where Mike Hopkins, Director of Marketing and Tourism for the Staes of Guensey will be our guest speaker. For further details please see the list of events on our website.

What does the YBG annual calendar look like?

In addition to our monthly events we are also involved in a number of projects, including the annual Business Trends Survey, administration of the Bill Green Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit and the Christmas Parade.

The purpose of the Business Trends Survey is to identify key issues affecting businesses on the island. YBG, in conjunction with Chamber, is responsible for presenting the survey.

The Bill Green Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit is administered by YBG, and presented annually at our Summer Ball. The award is given to local businesses which have demonstrated a desire to succeed and the ambition, vision and drive to turn ideas into a successful business.

We also submit articles for each edition of Contact magazine, which is produced for Chamber, bi-monthly. The publication is distributed to all Chamber and YBG members, as well as being distributed at various points around the island and available online.

Tell us something we don’t know about YBG

YBG was set up over 50 years ago, initially as a ‘ginger group’ to the Chamber of Commerce, to add comment from a young perspective and provoke debate.

In those times only men were allowed to become members. The organisation discussed the Billet d’état every month and provided comment to Chamber. Although we no longer discuss the Billet, we do continue to be active in the business community. Happily we also welcome women members!

Who is responsible for the running of YBG?

The management of YBG is undertaken by a small council of 14 members. We meet each month to discuss and plan upcoming events and projects. Our council has a wide cross section of people from various business industries, which helps with the management and organisation of our events. Being on council also develops a great skill set for people.

If there’s anything else you would like to know about YBG we would love to hear from you! Council members’ details can be found on our website – drop us a line.