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Bill Green Award

Bill Green Award for Entrepreneurial Innovation

Showcasing Guernsey's Innovators

The Bill Green Award is a local accolade awarded by the YBG annually to recognise achievement in the business community. After a break in 2020 caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the YBG council have revitalised the award and relaunched it in partnership with the Digital Greenhouse.

Calling all entrepreneurs & innovators – have you launched a new business, product or service in the last 18 months? Apply for the Bill Green award 2021 here

The award is open to all forms of public, private or third sector organisations who can demonstrate Entrepreneurial Innovation! 

About the Digital Greenhouse

The Digital Greenhouse is Guernsey’s Innovation Hub which acts as a focal point for the growth of the digital and creative sectors. Supporting effective collaboration, co-working, networking and learning with business, government and the community. This is focused in three key areas of fostering entrepreneurship, developing skills and pathways, and enabling innovation partnerships. 

See more at https://digitalgreenhouse.gg

Who was Bill Green?

Bill Green was a well-known local businessman who was passionate about Guernsey and always sought to encourage the business sector. He believed that luck was only the ability to recognise opportunities – an ability which he considered played an important factor in whether you are successful or not in any sphere of life.

Bill recognised the requirements of the islanders and the developing social trends of his time. During the occupation the bicycle was the primary form of transport for islanders, since motor vehicles were requisitioned by the Germans. As bicycles became very precious possessions Bill developed a successful bicycle business. Noting that there were no locks to secure bicycles he also made side income from charging people to store their bicycles at his shop in Smith Street while they went about their business.

A subscriber member of the Chamber of Commerce since 1954, he was elected junior vice-president and then senior vice president, prior to being elected as President of the Chamber in 1963. As President, he was aware that following the occupation, the old traditional methods of trading were changing and that traders would need to adapt and change with the times. He also tried to encourage better relations with other Chambers and felt that Guernsey was a little too isolated. He believed that unity was the key to being able to assert greater power.

Previous Winners

2018/19 Resolution IT
2017/18 School of Popular Music
2016/17 B-Creative
2015/16 Donkey Logic
2014/15 Pet Technology Store
2013/14 IBZ.TV Ltd.
2012/13 Fusion Nightclub
2011/12 Living Room & The Learning Company
2010/11 Focus HR Solutions Ltd
2009/10 Sueco Cookery School
2008/09 Pet Porte Limited
 2007/08 24-7 Petcare
 2006/07 Ship & Fly
 2005/06 Smart Choice Cleaning
 2004/05 Ace Scaffolding (GSY) Ltd
 2003/04 Small Ltd
 2002/03 Guernsey Repair Centre Ltd
 2001/02 Offshore Power (CI) Ltd
 2000/01 ACT Now Ltd
 1999/00 Mange-Tout
 1998/99 Guernsey Montessori School
 1997/98 Bonbonièra Balloons
 1996/97 Swift Cleaning Ltd